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Auto Aircon System

At DCB Auto we offer you the best quality car air conditioning services and repair in Pietermaritzburg. This is because our trained aircon technicians have a great understanding and experience in auto air conditioning. 

Inside your vehicles air conditioning system is a compressor which contains a gas, usually called a refrigerant which according to most car manufacturers needs to be re-gassed every 2 years. The gas travels to a unit called a condenser, which cools the gas so fast that it turns into a liquid. The very cold liquid is filtered by a drier which removes impurities. The purified liquid is sent to a unit called an evaporator which turns the cool liquid into cool vapour. The air that blows into your car is first blown over the evaporator containing the cool vapour, which cools the air down before it comes through the air outlets that you can adjust inside the vehicle. The cool air is blown into the car, and the gas in the evaporator is sent back to the compressor to start the cycle all over again.

Aircon Services offered by DCB Auto:

  • Air Conditioner Regas on light and heavy duty vehicles
  • Pipe Repair – Aluminium Welding
  • New Rubber Pipes Made On Site
  • Full System Flushing
  • Compressor – Service, Repair, or Replace (New Unit – 12 months warranty)
  • Evaporator – Service, Repair, or Replace
  • Condenser – Service, Repair, or Replace
  • Replace Receiver / Drier
  • Replace, or Ultrasonic Cleaning of Blocked Valves
  • Diagnostics Code Reading
  • Fault Finding and Repair
For the best quality car air conditioning services and repair in Pietermaritzburg, bring your vehicle to DCB.
car air conditioning services and repair in pietermaritzburg