Starter Bendix Recon Repair In South Africa

starter bendix recon repair in South Africa

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If you run a workshop that repairs starter motors, give us a call and we will hook you up.

Bendix Recon Repair Service Center in PMB

What many people don’t realise is that all starter bendix’s are serviceable so it is advised to repair instead of replace as you will save big. This is a small but specialised market . We refurbish most of the bendix’s for auto electrical and mechanical workshops across South Africa. Our starter bendix recon repair in South Africa carries a warranty of 6 months.

Starter Bendix Recon offered by DCB Auto:

  • Bendix Reconditioning – Same day
  • Large Stock Available
  • We can also build most bendix’s to our customers requirements
  • Only R100 delivery to major towns in SA
If you are not in the automotive repair trade and needing your starter repaired, please click on Starter Repairs to be redirected to the correct web page.